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“All is quiet on New Year's Day

A world in white gets underway……

Nothing changes on New Year's Day.”


These are lines from the song ‘New Year’s Day’ by the group U2 released in 1983 and it could be said this was the real start of the groups spectacular career. Although the song is about Polish solidarity in the shadow of the Communist state, it reflects on a day many of us see as not just the start of a New Year. It is often the commencement of new resolutions on our life style, finances, maybe employment or even family circumstances. We make promises to ourselves and our new world view ‘gets underway’.

Reality, however, is invariably different as ‘Dry January’ begins to get slightly damp after a few weekends, the ‘Christmas weight’ remains the same in February and once the credit card statement arrives, all financial planning is abandoned to the ‘let’s make it to the end of the month’ school of economics. So, the line ‘Nothing changes on New Year’s Day’ becomes slightly prophetic.

Another song by the same group has the line ‘What no man can own, no man can take, take this heart and make it break’. May be this New Year we should resolve to change the way we view the world and those with whom we share it. May be this change in view will lead to changes to our circumstances, our generosity may affect our finances as we budget to give, our waste line changes as we check our consumption and our temper changes as we see people in a different light. Now maybe that’s a resolution worth keeping.