PCC Workgroups

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[NB: PCC members are in bold] 

Standing Committee
Andrew (chair),
Margaret E, Tom B, Peggy B, Trevor W

Management Group
Standing Committee plus Liz Horton, (Andrew chair)

Worship Team
Andrew (chair), Readers: Allan Butcher, Ruth H, Sue Rodford, Steve G, Tim Horton. Worship leaders: Lee Thornton, Debbie Godsell        action . . . 

Staffing, Administration & Communications
Line Manager/ vicar:  Andrew,  Warden:  Margaret E (chair), Finance chair:  Trevor W,  Secretary:  Peggy B, Steve G, Ruth H (communications only)    

Grounds and Buildings Team
Tom B (chair), Peggy BPhil R, Graham White, Site Manager: Rob Griffin       action . . . 

Finance Team
Treasurer: Trevor W (chair), AndrewPeggy B, Sue Daye, Sue Rodford          action . . . 

Mission and Ministry Team
Ruth H, Alison D, Jean T, Duncan H, Margaret E (if pastoral)        action . . 

Social Team
Andrew, Linda Waterman(chair), Rachel C, Ruth Thornton, Colin W, Margaret W, Rhianydd W         action . . . 

HUB representatives
Andrew, Jean T             action . . . 

COOPERS EDGE representatives
Sue Rodford(?), Helen M             action . . . 

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