Our Vision introduction

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PCC Vision 2012-2015 Introduction

Having such a vision document does not preclude or prevent other developments taking place in the life of the church but the bulk of future initiatives are covered by this deliberate statement of intent. We are so fortunate to already have a series of exciting ministries on offer and there are many aspects of our church life that should give us very thankful hearts.

As we launch the PCC Vision in 2012 I want to draw particular focus to some of the more pressing issues for the immediate future:

  • to ensure our ministries are healthy and ready for action (especially pastoral care)
  •  to de-clutter and make good our buildings and order new signage
  •  to review our identity as an Anglican, Charismatic & Evangelical community
  •  to raise the overall quality of our worship, preaching and communication
  •  to appoint a new caretaker & seek funding for a children's worker.
  •  to put particular focus on families, young people & the over 60's in 2012 (without disengaging those in between!)

I heartily recommend this PCC Vision to you and I hope and pray that it will gain momentum over the next few years as we seek to grow bigger, wider, bolder & deeper with God over the coming years.

Reverend Andrew Axon - AGM 2012

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