PCC members

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Ex-officio members

Mark Close (chair)


Church wardens
Margaret Edwards (& DBS Safeguarding Officer) and Tom Brown


Diocesan Synod
Margaret  Edwards, Ruth  Holman and a vacancy


Deanery Synod
Ruth Holman, Doreen McLellan and Jean Thomas


 PCC Secretary: Peggy Brown


 PCC treasurer: Trevor Weedon


 Elected members

Until 2017
Steve Godsell, Duncan Hutchison, Helen McLean

 Until 2018                                                                                          Minty McShee, Phil Rodford, Rhiannyd Warren,  and Colin Waterman


Until 2019
Rachel Cooke, Alison Dight, and a vacancy


 Electoral Roll Officer: Colin Waterman


Non PCC member Officer

 Health and Safety Officer: Rob Griffin


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